Our Concept

ProfitReloaded is the services’ site of MeritXtra Solutions. We believe that man is motivated by “PROFIT” which is the “result” that creates satisfaction at the end of his every endeavour, especially, when it comes to business.

Our training, seminars, information products and digital marketing services are excellently designed to ensure that you experience a continuous and consistent lifetime profit.

Brainstorming Session During Seminar

Our services

Training & Seminars

We organize seminars and training that change lives positively and financially. Our training helps to develop attendees capacities as it reveals the secrets behind wealth and empowers with skills that are needed for success. We help you develop the mental and mindset necessary to succeed both in life and business.  You will also learn the modern cutting edges technological skills for efficiency.

Information Products

We specialise in creating information products based on popular need and special demand. We understand the importance of information as a mean for transformation. We therefore work with experts  to produces helpful resources that better lives and enhance the personal skills and organisation efficiency. Our information products are packaged as eBooks, CDs/DVDs and may also be accessed online based on customer’s choice.

Sales & Marketing

Any idea or business that will be successful must be well promoted. This is where marketing comes in. A business that is not recording good sales can’t last long in the marketplace. We often assist our clients to reach their expected audience. It is a skill that cannot be ignored by an entrepreneur or anyone in business. This is an aspect we don’t only enlighten people about but also demonstrate especially using online technology.

What our clients say

It is a very practical, down to earth and easily understandable

Olanrewaju Kehinde

It has been an awesome experience and I look forward to joining, and earning money

Stella Omeka

I  nearly missed this great opportunity. I’m happy I was present, because I learnt so much which I’ll implement at once.

Uzomaka Jineku

The future has just began today! It is time to be RICH!!!

Success Man

About us

ProfitReloaded.netProviding Profitable Solutions!

The reason for engaging in any activity by anybody is motivated by Profit. The word “profit” may be substituted with other words like “gain”, “result”, “reward”, “blessing” etc.

A worker works for hours to get salary or wages at the end of the day, week or month. A student studies to get certified, an entreprenuer starts business venture and nurture it to become rich.

The fact is, there is always an end result in view before most people get engaged in something and that is what we summarily called, PROFIT!

Our site is dedicated to training and helping others to get better in life and business. We also provide tools and services that assist individuals and organisations’ business . Our duty is to constantly bring you information, training and services that ensure you keep making profit in your endevours again and again and that is ProfitReloaded!

ProfitReloaded.net is owned by MeritXtra Solutions, a Nigerian registered business