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We create seminars that change lives positively and financially. Our seminars encompasses the secret behind wealth, it will also give you the arms to embrace wealth. These are seminars you would not want to miss out. These are seminars that will teach you the source of financial breakthrough. Our seminars are just for you, come today and become richer!!!


Our clients deserves training solutions that reflect excellencecommunitycustomer serviceemployee satisfaction, and fiscal responsibility. Our training provides advanced customer service tips and tools for your organization based on the content area or competency you want to improve. Learn about customer service skills that create positive first impressions, manage customer expectations, build customer loyalty and more by filtering through our training and development courses


We also have a website and blog design workshop where we train our clients on building a website with wordpress. The training starts from the basic of website design, giving comprehensive knowledge of the components of website like domain name, hosting space, Cpanel, DNS, HTML etc. It also let you know the difference between website and blog. It is indeed a great course for any beginner that has no prior knowledge about website design.

What else we provide?

Web Design

We also get to teach our clients how to build a website using wordpress

Entrepreneurship Seminars

We make our clients understand the full meaning of what it means to be an entrepreneur and thereby exposing them to business opportunities


Growth is an essential criteria in every business. We also teach our clients skills, techniques to ensure the growth of any organization be you an employee or an employer

Our Trainers

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What our clients say

It is a very practical, down to earth and easily understandable

Olanrewaju Kehinde

It has been an awesome experience and I look forward to joining, and earning money

Stella Omeka

I  nearly missed this great opportunity. I’m happy I was present, because I learnt so much which I’ll implement at once.

Uzomaka Jineku

The future has just began today! It is time to be RICH!!!

Success Man


About us

The reason for engaging in any activity by anybody is motivated by Profit. The word “profit” may be substituted with other words like “gain”, “result”, “reward”, “blessing” etc.

A worker works for hours to get salary or wages at the end of the day, week or month. A student studies to get certified, an entreprenuer starts business venture and nurture it to become rich.

The fact is, there is always an end result in view before most people get engaged in something and that is what we summarily called, PROFIT!

Our blog is dedicated to give you tips, ideas, information, motivation, inspirational stories, business and opportunities that will see you becoming profitable in life. Our duty is to constantly bring you information that ensures you keep making profit in your endevours again and again and that is what we called ProfitReloaded!

ProfitReloaded.net is owned by MeritChoice Limited, a Nigerian registered company.