Learn How To Write Bankable and Award Winning Business Plan

that will

* Attract Investors To Your Business
* Excite Angels To Give You Grant
* Make  Banks Competing To Give Your Loan
* Give You Opportunity of Making Extra Income Writing for Others

Prof. Joseph Adeyemo

EDI Consultant & Chairman, Multiconsulting International Limited

Fund is like bloodstream of any operational and functioning business.

Every entrepreneur needs ideal sum of capital to start or expand his or her business. But as we all know, you cannot simply visit a bank for loan or even raise money from your acquitances without showing them that you have a business idea that worths funding.

Whether you need loan or you aspire to get a grant for a business proposal or idea, your mouth piece to fund providers or moneylenders is nothing else but your BUSINESS PLAN.

Busines Plan is your uncompromising representative that will determine if your bank will be willing to give you loan or if investors will be ready to support your business with fund.

Therefore, if you cannot pen down a convincing and bankable business plan, you are not likely going to see anyone releasing fund for your business simply because you have an idea in your brain.

Writing business plan is a professional service that consultants charge heavily for. It therefore means that, if you know how to write investors' attracting and grant winning business plan, you will be able to secure fund for your business and also save a lot of money you would have spent to consultant to provide you such service.

Apart from you personally benefiting from your business plan writing skill, you will also be able to provide consulting service to people that need the service and charge handsomely for your work.

Prof. Joseph Adeyemo Resolves To Pass Baton of Consultancy To The Next Generation

In a rare move, Prof. Joseph Adeyemo decides to carry out a massive transfer of knowledge to everyone that desires it.

Prof. Adeyemo has been a consultant since 1978. He has been writing business plans for organisations for years and had worked with corporate companies, multi-nationals and celebrities. He is currently the Chairman of Multiconsulting International Limited, a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) accredited Entrepreneurship Development Institution (EDI).

Through his effort, he had helped several persons to access the CBN loans for Agric Small and Medium Entreprises Investment Scheme (ASMEIS). One of the pre-requisite to get such loan is BUSINESS PLAN.

Prof. Adeyemo has track records of writing Business plans for organisation and he said, he does not charge any thing less than ₦2.5 million to provide Busines Plan service. That is indeed a great feat for writing just a document.

But this time around, he wants to transfer this skill to younger generation. He is willing to tell it all. He will show participants of the training, what he writes and how he writes it that makes people pay him so much for just business plan.

He is looking for those he can give the baton to due to old age and his health condition.

He could have charged million to teach others, but he is seeing this as his own Community Service Responsibility at the present age of his life.

Therefore, this is a rare training and once in lifetime that may not come up as frequent as you may desire it. You don't want to lose this opportunity of learning under the tutelage of an expert like Prof. Adeyemo.

Opportunity to Work With Multiconsulting International Limited As Freelance Consultant

After your training, you will have amazing opportunity to work with Multiconsulting International Limited to write Business Plan for the students of the Entrepreneurship Development Institution.

It means, you can recover your training fee with just one consulting service. This is another fantastic opportunity for you to get trained.

Seminar Schedule

The training is going to be for two days.

The first day will be for Business Plan Exposition. You will be taught every thing you need to know about writing compelling business plan.

The second day, will be for practical. You will be able to write your first professional business plan and Prof. Adeyemo will take his time to vet and make necessary modification to the work done by the participants.

There will then be continuous online support for the participants through WhatsApp. You will be able to communicate directly with Prof. to resolve any challenge you may have.

Training Date

First Day: Wednesday, 17th April, 2019
Second Day: Thursday, 18th April, 2019


10am Daily


White House,
90B, Okota Road, Opposite Abbey Mortgage Bank,
Near Chemist Bus Stop,

Prof. Joseph Adeyemo

Fees: 15,000.00 25,000.00

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