How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies INSTANTLY Using Your Bank Account Despite CBN Ban on Crypto

Plus How To Withdraw Your Crypto Assets and Profits To Your Bank Account Within 5 to 10 Minutes

Are You Stranded About How To Buy Or Sell Bitcoin & Cryptos? Here Is The Solution!

Some few months ago, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) banned people from using their bank accounts to transact anything that has to do with cryptocurrency. A lot of accounts were blocked and even some were permanently closed during the period.

The move came at a wrong time for Nigerians. It was at the time bitcoin was rising to the peak of its all time price and many Nigerians lost out of the opportunity because they didn’t know any other way to buy or even sell their cryptocurrencies without using the bank.

Till now, a lot of people are still stranded and don’t know how to participate efficiently in this open digital market that keeps making a lot of people around the world richer.

Fortunately, you are here and I will give you the perfect solution that will not only help you to use any Nigerian bank account for your crypto transaction but you will also discover a system that will help you to trade cryptocurrency profitably.

I can assure that  my solution is trouble-free as you will never have any issue with CBN or any bank with your transactions.

This is the same secret that some of us have been using since and we have been enjoying all the benefits and goodies that crypto-world has to offer.

Here Are Other Things You Will Discover

  • How and where to buy cryptocurrencies of your choice at any time you need to
  • How to use your bank account to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency without bank knowing what you are doing
  • How to convert your bitcoins and other cryptos to Naira and get it paid into your bank account.
  • How to get a good deal while buying bitcoin or other coins
  • How to sell your bitcoin and other coins/tokens at higher prices for maximum profit
  • How to register and open an account with Nigeria most friendly one-for-all services that gives you ease of transaction

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