How To Sell Your Products Online

Without Hawking Them On The Streets

Things have changed rapidly. The years where you need to have physical store to sell had far gone. Business is now being done online.

Anyone of us can now sell without necessarily having a physical store. If you have products, with the new age technology, there are online stores where you can sell and you don't need to create one for yourself.

The new way of the selling your physical products to attract unending buyers without hawking is via online.

Do you know that chunk of Nigerian population are now facilated about buying online? They actually prefer buying anything they want online now than going to the next physical shop close by?

Do you also know that it is more cost effective to run your business online than having a store or shop offline at one corner of a street?

With your business online, you can reach more people beyond your residential state. In fact, you can get order for your products beyond the shore of the country.

It means, if you are not selling online right now, you are not doing good to your business. In fact, you are allowing a lot of income to slip out of your hand and you are probably exposed to offline competitors that are sharing the market with you.

But, you can't just jump online and start selling, if you don't have the understanding of how it operates.

Just like in every other thing, you need to learn how it works and you need to learn from the expert. That is, someone that is already doing what you want to do and he is getting result.

That is why, we are inviting you to join our upcoming seminar to learn how you too can start selling online without hawking your products on the streets.


Here's an highlight of what you will learn:

* Type of Products You Can Sell Online
How To Source for HOT Products Both Online and Offline That You Can Resell Online
* Best Online e-Commerce Sites To List, Promote and Sell Your Products
Adding Products to your online shop
How To Promote Your Online Store for Prominent Discovery By Prospective Online Buyers
* Packaging of your Products for Shipping & Logistics
The Do’s & Dont’s of Online Business
* and many more


See dates and seminar locations below:

* Thursday, 22nd April, 2021 - Okota, Lagos
Time: 10AM

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