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Kemi Alla  (Nee Oyeleke) was presented Balyesa State Honourary Award as the Best Serving Corp Member.

Kemi Alla got her first grant during her youth service when she won ₦150,000.00 grant from CBN/NYSC Venture award 2011/2012 Batch B. But that was after she failed to secure the first grant she applied for.

According to her, she started searching for what caused the failure and what are the criteria to be able to secure grant with ease. Eventually she got the secret, applied it during her service year, pronto, it worked!

After her service year, she made attempt to secure another grant. This time around, she knew she would win the grant again.

She landed herself whopping GRANT of ₦10million naira.

With that same knowledge, she had helped several persons to apply for grants and the effort has always yielded positive result. She is ready to show more people the secrets that she has been using to make it happens every time she applies.

Therefore, at the upcoming seminar, she will be revealing the secret but also, she will be assisting those that are interested in the current available grants to apply online.


Jumoke Amoo runs several businesses concurrently.

Her secret has been her ability to secure loans. She said loan is free money. Though, the  statement may be controversial but to her, that is the way she sees loan. She is able to run several businesses and execute personal projects because of loans she gets access to any time she wants them.

She does not only encourage people to get loan for business and personal projects but also show them the strategies she uses to pay back her loan with ease.

Recently, she launched Loan Mentorship Forum (LMF), where she is not only teaching how to get loan but she is taking members by hands to grab all available loans for their positive use.

She will be talking on How To Get Loan Without Collaeral In Nigeria Within 24 to 72 Hours.

She will also be holding the LMF meeting with the existing members and those that wants to newly join the forum after the seminar.

Now, it is your time to be part of these great opportunity. Make sure you make it a date and learn these great secrets that have made these young ladies successful.

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