Special Orientation & Consultation Session Where Your Business and Idea Will Be Assessed & You Will Learn How To Apply for The CBN Loan Specifically Created for Agribusiness, Small and Medium Enterprises

You Will Also Learn How To Get Loan from ₦50,000 to ₦2Million Within 24 to 72 Hours Without Collateral Or Guarantor

CBN - AGSMEIS ₦10Million Loan for Enterprises

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has come up with a funding support programme for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) known as Agric Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS)

Under this scheme, which is specially designed to help MSMEs, existing and aspiring entrepreneurs can access fund up to Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000.00) at the 5% per annum for up to 7 years repayment.

Interestingly, anyone can benefit from this fund, in as much you are doing something that is adding value to the economy.

Whether you are hairdresser, carperter, or fashion designer, you are qualified to benefit from this loan to start or boost your business. Whether you are in creative industry, ICT, health service or education, the opportunity is also for you.

Of course, agriculture is also giving priority. Several sectors are included like Manufacturing/Production, Mining, Entertainment (Nollywood), adire (tie and dye)/Aso Oke, Aquaculture, Cosmetics/Hair Products, Digital Printing/Multimedia Publishing, Food processing, Furniture/Wood Processing, Restaurants, Technical/Vocational Schools etc.

You only need to know the procedure that is required to participate in this long time loan opportunity. It is not the regular bank loan where you are expected to bring collateral and you are given strigent conditions before you can access the fund.

That is why we are inviting you for Orientation and Personalised Consultation Session where we will give you all the information that you need to know about AGSMEIS and how you do can access the fund.

We will look into your business and give you guideline on how to be part of the scheme.

We will also introduce different possible businesses to aspiring entrepreneurs and also let them know how they can apply for the CBN loan to start their businesses.

Short-time Loan Accessible Within 24 to 72 Hours

We are going to also expose you to short time loan starting from ₦50,000.00 (fifty thousand naira) to ₦2,000,000.00 (two million naira) that you can get within 24 to 48 hours without collateral or guarantor.

These are loan you can access for personal or business use depending on your need. They also have convenient repayment plans.

Different Agribusiness Opportunities You Can Start

Though, CNB AGSMEIS Loan is not only for agribusiness but we have comprehensive ideas that we would also be relating to you as per agribusiness, since it is one of the enterprises that the loan is focusing to support.

If you are interested in piggery, poultry, snailery, fishery, crop production etc, we will be telling you on how best you can start or invest in any of these agribusiness that are very much supported by the CBN loan scheme.

How To Get Land for About ₦100k to Start Your Agribusiness

For those that may be interested in agribusiness, land is one of the important asset you will need to start. At the orientation and business consultation session, we will give you information on how you can get land as cheap as ₦100,000.00 (One hundred thousand naira) to start your agribusiness.

Other Sources of Funds Apart From Loan

There are several means that entrepreneur can explore to get fund for his or her business apart from loan. We will be showing you some other creative ways you can explore to fund your business without going for loan.

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